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Dependable and High Quality Equipment for a Great Fishing Experience!!

There are several keys to an enjoyable and successful fishing experience. One of the keys is having reliable, dependable equipment to fish FROM and WITH.

VESSEL: Loco Pescado fishes out of a Sportsman 247 vessel powered by a quiet Yamaha 250 Hp, 4 stroke outboard. Conversations with other members of your fishing party can be held without having to shout over the engine noise.

The vessel is rigged with a Minn Kota iPilot trolling motor. This trolling motor is equipped with an electronic 'anchor'. This allows the boat to be positioned based on GPS coordinates so that a fishing area can be carefully and thoroughly be worked without having to set an anchor.

The vessel is also equipped with a secondary trolling motor that has a "splasher prop" mounted onto it. The splasher prop simulates the sound of feeding baitfish which draws fish in the area closer to the boat thereby increasing potential for hook ups!!

RODS AND REELS:The equipment you will fish with is specifically rigged for the type of fish you are fishing for as well as the techniques that will be used that day. .

If you have a favorite rod that you want to bring, please let Loco Pescado know beforehand so he can tell you what line, line test, etc. to rig your rod with.

The rods provides are well maintained. The reels are top quality brand name hardware; not off-brand reels.

Additionally, Loco Pescado provides both open-face spinning reel outfits and baitcaster outfits so the customer can use the type fishing rig they feel most comfortable with.

ON-BOARD ELECTRONICS: Loco Pescado uses the latest software updates on Lowrance electronics so that fish, structure, and other pertinent data (water temperature, depth, etc.) can be taken advantage of. Additionally, up-to-date VHF radio equipment is used so that weather updates can be obtained to ensure boating in safe weather.

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